Leading A Transformative Force For Wellness Equity

We are bringing wellness, prevention and resilience to all by strengthening the capacity of communities to create their own healthy lifestyle revolution. And we believe this is a human right - accessible to every mind, body, and soul.


We are an infrastructure of healthy built-environment communities that removes barriers to access to multi-sector solutions ensuring equitable opportunities to achieve optimal health


To Build a Culture of Health and Wellness Equity for All


To develop a multi-faceted wellness ecosystem empowering individuals and communities to unlock the potential of human health and longevity


Jordan Kavana

Founder & CEO

Kimmi Stultz, PharmD

Director of Nutrition

Malav Trivedi, PhD

Director of Partnerships

David Mastropietro, PhD

Director of Personalized Formulation & Experience

Matt Wismer, CSCS, CISSN

Director of Functional Movement

Vikram Sasi

Strategic Advisor

Christian Seale


Our Story

CleanLiving Health and Wellness is a new division of Transcendent Investment Management (TIM). Transcendent Investment Management (TIM) is a diversified private equity real estate investment firm and vertically integrated manager that focuses on the acquisition, development, and management of single-family homes and attached townhome rentals. TIM provides quality, new construction residences from national home builders that are competitively priced and support a healthy lifestyle to residents. We firmly believe in health and wellness for all, not just a select few. And that sustainability should be a way of life. We are focused on giving back in meaningful and impactful ways to support this mission. To do this we partner with numerous nonprofit partners, participate in hands-on philanthropic projects, and provide financial charitable support to health, social, and environmental causes. We contribute our time and talent to impact diverse causes driven by our core values, culture, team members, and the community.


At CleanLiving Health and Wellness, our mission is Health Equity for All! Health equity for all isn’t just our purpose; it’s the spark that influences every aspect of our company and motivates our team of advocates to create the most innovative health and wellness products, services, and programs. We call our team members advocates because what we’re doing is so much more than your average company. We lead with a passion in our pursuit to change lives. We believe in the emotional and physical well-being of our advocates. Because we know if we take care of them, they in turn will take care of you. A love for community defines our culture because we believe we’re in this together. Whether we’re giving back to health, social, and environmental causes or launching new products, services, or programs to create healthier lives – we want to be intentional in our impact. At CleanLiving Health and Wellness, our advocates all have a shared belief in our mission and understanding of our vision. And that makes all the difference.